Timeless Designs

Foreverstar engagement rings are unique, timeless and fashionable. Each ring can be custom fitted to hold any diamond shape or size, and also available in any precious metal type.



Foreverstar is a unique collection of engagement rings, crafted with a meticulous attention to detail . While most engagement ring designs are limited to a certain diamond shape or size, Foreverstar settings are fully customizable, allowing you to make it a personal piece and never compromise.


Foreverstar settings have stronger prongs than other rings. That means your diamond is always secure and will not become loose over time. The metal in our white gold settings is coated with a special solution that slows down the inevitable yellowing of the metal. That means less frequent visits to your jeweler for rhodium plating.


The collection currently offers twelve settings, from classic 18K pavé styles, to more intricate split-shank and halo design. As you scroll through the collection, designs become more demure. This helps customers choose a ring that fits their personality, by gradually simplifying  each style.


We are very proud of the quality of our settings. That is why we are able to offer a 3 year repair warranty at the place of purchase, and a 1 year replacement warranty with us. Every exceptional diamond deserves to be presented on an equally breathtaking setting. This is why we created Foreverstar.